Zach Werenski

Columbus BlueJackets (D)

“I started working with Nar 6 years ago and I fully trust him with my career. From summer training with him to video of my shifts there’s always something I’m learning to make me a better player. I can tell he cares about my career and he works hard to make sure I’m ready to go each season.”

Jeff Petry

Montreal Canadians (D)

“Nar has a great mind for the game. He puts in the time watching his players to identify their strengths and weaknesses. He knows my style as a player and the drills he has help strengthen what I do best while working on skills that I need to become better at. Skating with him in the off season has help elevate my game as a whole.”

Cooper Marody

Edmonton Oilers (F)

“Brandon is the most influential coach in my hockey career from JV high school hockey to the NHL. He is ahead of his time in all aspects of player development. If your dream isto play in the NHL there is no one more equipped to help make that dream a reality.”

Chris Lazary

Saginaw Spirit ( Head Coach)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Brandon in Saginaw for several seasons. The impact that he has had on the Saginaw Spirit organization from a player development perspective has been outstanding. Not only has he helped shape the identity of our program he has helped lay the foundation in how we approach our player development program from a philosophical and 360 degree well-rounded approach. For him it is about the person and the player and creating a program to develop both. Brandon is one of the most intelligent and progressive thinkers that I have had the pleasure of meeting through my hockey journey. His knowledge of the game, his ability to create meaningful relationships, and his ability to communicate his message is elite. Players love working with him, coaches respect him and he is a bright star in the game of hockey.”

Josh Norris

Ottawa Senators (F)

“Brandon and I have formed a great relationship over the years and I’ve learned a lot from him, and I really trust the things that he’s all about. He’s helped improve my shot not only from a velocity standpoint but also being able to be more deceptive and creative when shooting. I trust him to the point where I actually changed my curve and flex because he thought it would suite me better, and it has certainly helped.”