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The program starts with building the foundational mechanics of Skating, Shooting, and Puck Skills through repetition and proper movements. The goal of this phase is to optimize learning and retention in order to reach maximum transfer to the games.

Next, we will begin placing our students in simulated game situations to teach how to identify all options. Individual video, advanced statistics, and a continual study of modern technical and tactical adjustments are the three pillars that drive the on-ice development model.

There is a “why” to everything we will do this Summer, so every session has a theme/focus to ensure that you acquire the muscle memory to perform the movements properly as well as the knowledge of exactly when to use them under pressure in game situations. The devil is in the details and they will be introduced through skill/concept video clips prior to each session that directly correlate to the plan for the day.

Our staff will stress the importance of forming pro habits. This is something that we consistently preach to our players every single day and they will be held to that standard. That means they will show up ready to learn and compete every single day. At the end of the day we want our athletes leaving the rink with both the knowledge of the game and in the game.